Brady Lanier

Brady Lanier is an active performer on the viola da gamba, baroque and modern cello. He has appeared with numerous ensembles in the Houston area and beyond, including the Houston Symphony, Houston Bach Society, Mercury Baroque, Ars Lyrica, Istanpitta and Revels Houston. He is a founding member of Quaver Viol Consort (CD release 2010). Brady is a graduate of the Shepherd School of Music at Rice University and is currently earning a Masters in viola da gamba performance at Indiana University with Wendy Gillespie. He was a faculty member at the VdGSA Conclave in 2013-14; directed the Consort Cooperative program from 2011-12, and has taught at other workshops such as the Texas Toot. Brady is also much in demand as an arranger and composer, having had works performed by the Houston Symphony, the United States Air Force Orchestra, and numerous other groups. His music has been featured in three performances at Carnegie Hall.


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